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Amphibian Love: An Artbook by Leah Jay

Amphibian Love: An Artbook by Leah Jay

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San Jose artist Leah Jay has created a beautiful book called Amphibian Love, filled with dazzling nature art to help endangered animals. This hardbound book features detailed watercolor and chalk pastel illustrations of various species of amphibians, including frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. The rhyming text within the illustrations makes each piece to be both attractive and educational. Amphibian Love will be a great resource for young readers to interest them in these fascinating animals and makes an excellent addition to anybody’s coffee table!

All proceeds go directly to SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts, so please go order your copy today!

Amphibian Love is an artbook project to document the beauty and fascinating variety of amphibians and bring attention to the Amphibian Extinction Crisis. Amphibians are vital to the earth’s ecosystems, and their loss is an indicator of the worldwide trend in decreasing biodiversity - the “Sixth Extinction”.

The book measures 11.5″ x 8.5″ landscape format. 50 pages, 24 glossy full page illustrations with bright watercolors and crisp pencil detail.

About Leah Jay:
A lifelong artist, nature lover, and San Jose resident, Leah has spent 15 years perfecting her mixed watercolor and pastel illustration technique. She teaches art and shows her work locally.

"This is a beautiful book; the art is just amazing!"
-- Choti Singh, Longmont, Colorado

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